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Flash MP3 Players

The flash mp3 player is the revolutionary way to listen to your music on the street when you are on the move. The light weight flash mp3 player means that there is no need to carry your compact discs everywhere you go and because there are no moving parts, your music will not skip or jump if you move suddenly or with force like a bulky compact disc player. The original technology that is MPEG was developed in Germany in the eighties where it was patented in 1989.

The flash mp3 player stores your data in flash. The solid state storage medium originally only came with a thirty two Mb memory, but we have flash mp3 player models that hold a full gigabyte; this is enough to hold a few hours of music. The idea of the MP3 is that the format reduces the byte size, compressing the tracks ten fold with no compromise to the quality of the recording. Let's say you have a track that takes up thirty two Mb when recorded on to a compact disc, this will be reduced to only three on the flash mp3 player. This enables you to carry more music and the download time is cut considerably.

We have a selection of flash mp3 players for you to choose from. All come with headphones, batteries and built in flash memory in sizes of 32, 64, or 256 megabytes. A typical sixty four megabyte player will hold about fifteen flash mp3 tracks, dependent on track length, and is the most popular choice for promotional mp3 players.

The Jukebox zero one seven zero comes with a one point five gigabyte capacity that enables you to store more than four hundred songs. You can create play lists, record your voice and search and select the next song whilst listening to a track. This flash mp3 player also has the view text feature which can store a short novel, so you can read and listen at the same time. FM radio is available and there is a built in organiser that you can store names, numbers and addresses etc.

Contact USB Choice today for more information on the products we supply or simply browse out website any time of day or night.

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