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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

If you are using more USB devices than your computer has ports then you need a USB hub. In the past USB users experienced the inconvenience of having to replace the ports in the machine due to damage caused by repeated transfer of USB devices. Now you can operate multiple data centres on the same computer by using a two, four or even six way hub that plugs straight into your used port, cutting out un necessary un plugging.

The USB five double zero three's specification is, expand one USB port to four at full speed transfer rates, one point one specification at twelve Mbps. It will arrive cased in ABS and has one power LED. We also have in stock the USB mini docking station; this is suitable for expansion for extra connectivity demands. There are two USB two point zero downstream ports with one PS slash two port for the keyboard and one for the mouse, this model is manufactured using Smart design.

You don't need any drivers for your USB hub, just plug it into your USB port and away you go. Our four port USB hub's come packed in a plain white box, you don't need anything else.

Have you heard of the Haspel USB hub? This USB hub features four down stream ports that will allow the connections of you choice for various USB devices and will support full speed and low speed transfer rates. This model comes in the style of a power extension and has a retractable cable measuring one meter. There is no need for a power source as this USB hub is a plug and play device.

USB Choice are based in Manchester but supply customers all around the world. Our comprehensive range of USB hubs is second to non in the United Kingdom making us the most popular distributor through out the Isle. Contact us today for more information on the products and services we provide.

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