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USB Flash Drive

The USB flash drive is the ultimate removable computer storage device. It allows computer users to conveniently store and access data anytime, anywhere.

There is a memory chip built in to your USB flash drive that when plugged in to your computer works like a hard drive, to be exact an extra hard drive, and it is recognised as such by your PC. You can transfer data from machine to machine through the USB flash drive by simply saving the required information in the same way as you would if saving on to your normal hard drive. Then take out your USB flash drive and insert it into another machine, and your information will be instantly available on that machine.

At USB choice we supply USB flash drive models to the public and business sector. These USB flash drives are plug and play devices that work with Windows, Mac and Linux. They do not require batteries, nor do they need any software or cables. If you are running Windows ninety eight you will need to install the driver.

We stock most USB flash drive models including the five double zero two that features an attractive translucent plastic casing and USB memory drive in version one point one. This model requires a computer with built in USB port but there is no need for an external power supply for the device. Data will be held for well over ten years providing there is no corruption from elements. This bad boy reads at 900 Kb per second and writes at seven hundred Kb per second, this depends on the configuration of the machine.

For further information on our USB flash drive catalogue give us a call or visit us in Manchester at our studio. You can contact us by electronic mail and fax also.

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    Learn about the new usb flash drive design specifically for Vista and how it can add memory to your PC
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